Super Green Malay VS Maeng Da

kratom is a herbal plant used for many traditional medicines, it belongs to the coffee family and grows in Southeast Asian regions like Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia.this plant has many healing properties and use to treat many illnesses, it works best when you want withdrawal from opioids.most prominent properties of kratom is it is an excellent painkiller and a brain booster.

There are many types of kratom and they all depend on the color of the leaves and strains.the most common diversities are super green malay and maeng da this article you will learn about the benefits, effects and dosage of super green malay and maeng da kratom and their comparison with each other.

Super Green Malay

It is the most dominant strain of kratom which works best for brain stimulation and excellent muscle helps you to concentrate better during your work time.for the students who need to study harder and memorize lessons this is the best strain is also economically suitable as it is easily available in cheap rates and in bulk amounts.

Now let us discuss effects of Super Green Malay.

  1. The main effect of super green malay is it is an energy booster.when you take it regularly your energy level remains high throughout the day.if you are a coffee addict and you start taking kratom you won’t feel the need to drink coffee again.
  2. It is a best anti-oxidant and work to fight off the harmful cells in the body.
  3. It lifts the body’s immunity.
  4. It stimulates your brain and thus controls your reactions.
  5. It also treats all the issues related to sleep.
  6. It gets rid of the body pains and calms the nerves.
  7. It helps ward off hard feelings but for the happiness you need to take it in high quantity.

For the dosage take 2 to 3 grams and wait for 30 minutes if the effects don’t show increase your dose.

Maeng Da kratom

If you are looking to lift up your mood than maeng da is the best strain for completely overcomes the tensions of life and relieves you of stress and exhaustion.

If you are suffering from bad day and feels low levels of energy than this strain is good for boosting the mood.

Effects of maeng da kratom

  1. It keeps your brain clear and boosts mental energy.
  2. It increases ability to focus on things.
  3. It combats with mental disorders like mood swings, anxiety and depression by controlling the hormones.
  4. It helps to smooth the process of opiate withdrawal.
  5. It increases self-confidence and reduces the chances of relapse.
  6. Perpetual alertness is less in green maeng da as compared with the red and white one but it also has less side effects.

If you are a beginner take 1 to 2 grams of this strain, moderate dose is 3 to 4 grams and high dose is 5 gram and must use it in moderate amounts to avoid any difficulties.